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We always welcome new singers. Contact us now to learn more about The Women's Chorale.


Fall/Winter Session



First United Methodist Church

Corning, New York



7:00 - 9:00 pm

For further information contact: 

Wendy Hovey   



Doreen Alsen, Director 


We have seen the future, and we are thrilled to tell you about it!!
Starting on Wednesday, September 14th, 7:00 - 9:00, The Women's Chorale of Corning is launching a new rehearsal season, with a plan for a concert in mid February. Think Valentine's Day. Because our theme is... LOVE!

Cupid wears a thousand faces. We'll sing about love in all its forms, transformative, tragic and truly magical. Current composers and ancient, some simply unknown. Lyrics in English, French and Hebrew.

We will sing some of the music from our summer repertoire. But don't worry, new or just-returning singers will have a comfortable learning curve. We will maintain our current conservative safety guidelines. Attendance expectations will be somewhat flexible as Covid precautions wax and wane. Details to follow. We are grateful to the First United Methodist Church in Corning for hosting us this summer, and we will continue to rehearse in the sanctuary there.As always, the first two rehearsals will be free to anyone who wants to just see what we're all about. The Chorale Board is working out the detail of the singers' fee for the season. 


Questions? Comments? Please email me or any member of the Board of Directors. For artistic concerns, contact Doreen.For planning purposes, if you intend to join us please let me know.This is so exciting!


Yours in song,


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